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Chris Paul scored 61 points in honor of his grandfather!

the6man May 23

Chris Paul
Photo: Kathy Willens / Associated Press

Looking back at an incredible 61-point achievement by Chris Paul that honored his late grandfather. Just a day before his game, Chris found out that his grandfather had died. Through this tragedy, Chris showed incredible toughness and stepped onto the pitch.

Little did he know that he would actually score 61 points, his grandfather was that old. Chris remembers that this was the best moment in his life. He remembers being overwhelmed and knowing that he would never forget it. He got his 61 points from a layup on which he was fouled.

Chris stepped to the free throw line facing his grandfather and shot an airball. Then he left the game, six points behind the state record, but that never occurred to him. Chris went to the bank and hugged his father in tears. What an incredible story.

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