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Clyde Drexler responded to Michael Jordan’s comment in The Last Dance.

the6man May 29

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After Clyde Drexler was slammed by Michael Jordan, the former Chicago Bulls star commented that at some stage of his career he would be pioneered with Portland The legends of the team are compared.

Drexler is also one of the best shooting guards in NBA history. He fought an unforgettable battle with MJ. His primitive athletic ability made him the six-time NBA champion in the heyday. In the interview Last danceHowever, Michael said he was not satisfied with the tie.

“I’m not saying [Clyde] Not a threat. But I was compared to him and I was offended. “Jordan explained.

Clyde Drexler, Michael Jordan
Photo: Nathaniel S. Butler / NBAE / Getty Images

Drexler shot at Jordan this week, suggesting that he should now show more love and respect to his former opponents, because this is what usually happens to former opponents, even if they do not like each other during the game.

“That was Michael’s documentary, and obviously this will be his opinion,” Drexler told SportsTalk 790. “Everyone has the right to express their opinions. Many times, men do n’t like each other in other teams, but as you grow older, you must surpass all of them and show a certain amount of love and love for those who fight against them. respect.

“This is a team game, not one person. You can get 50 points and 40 rebounds, but if you lose, are you fewer players than anyone else on the other team? No, this is a team game. So I hate people ’s behavior like a personal game. I did n’t shoot 35 goals and did n’t get 20 free throws in one night, so I wo n’t get 40 points every night. ”

Drexler was part of the Trail Blazers, who lost to the Bulls in the 1992 NBA Finals, but three years later, he continued to win the Houston Rockets championship.

At the same time, NBA TV is set to Published a documentary on the Trail Blazers At the end of May.

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