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Coaches and players support Renee Montgomery’s “Leap of Faith” and focus on social justice issues. Hoopfeed.com

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Published on June 18, 2020


She told reporters on a video conference call on Thursday afternoon that Atlanta Dreams guard Renee Montgomery decided to withdraw from the 2020 season and focus on social justice issues, which is a “leap of faith.” The 11-year WNBA veteran and UConn graduate admitted that she was nervous before she posted on Twitter that she was on vacation for the entire season.

Montgomery said: “I don’t have a specific plan.” “I just know this is where my heart is, so let’s see where it is going.”

This spring, due to COVID-19 restrictions, most parts of the United States have been granted asylum, and racial inequality and coronavirus updates have become the focus of news. In the eyes of the public, three high-profile black murders by police officers have sharpened people’s attention to highlight police brutality and systematic racism in law enforcement and other sectors of society. Several WNBA players, including Montgomery, participated in the sport, wrote articles, posted information on social media, conducted interviews to convey their experiences, and demonstrated.

In addition to speaking through a video conference call held with the media, Montgomery also actively participated in the peaceful protests in Atlanta, through Distribute water and supplies in a march earlier this month. She founded a foundation Help her efforts

It is nothing new for Montgomery to speak out against injustice. She became a member of the Minnesota Lynx in 2016 When Philando Castile and Alton Sterling died, the group supported the “Black Life Problems” movementAt that time, two black men were killed by the police. Castile was a resident of the Twin Cities, and Sterling died in Louisiana. The Bobcats faced strong opposition from the local police, and the Union imposed a fine on them, and later canceled the punishment.

Maya Moore, who was one of the team’s captains at the time, was already taking a break from the WNBA game while working on criminal justice reform. Like Moore, Montgomery talked to college coach Geno Auriemma about her vacation plan before being publicly announced.

Auriema asked Montgomery the same question as Moore:

Can you financially? Did you know that this may affect your career, basketball career, and people may not be satisfied with it?

Cheryl Reeve, Bobcat coach and general manager, commented on Montgomery’s decision.

Reeve said: “It’s not that I was surprised to say that I was surprised by Renee, or that there were any players who chose to withdraw for various reasons.” “Now this time is really heavy and people are coming in different ways Deal with it. Renee thinks this is the best way for her to do what she thinks must be done. You will see a very personal decision.”

By late May, Montgomery knew it was time to take action.

Montgomery said: “I think a lot happened, and then when George Floyd was murdered, it awakened the United States and the whole world.” “You see protests all over the world. So, I think at that moment… you can’t ignore it anymore, just like we need to do something.”

When it comes to dream coaching teams, including head coach Nicki Collen, Montgomery has received tremendous emotional and financial support by donating to the foundation.

“Three days ago I called Coach Nicky. I called her and I told her how I felt… I don’t know what the coach would do because that was their job… Her job is that we are on the court Performance.”

But Montgomery said Columb’s response was “best-case” and let her know that the coaching staff and the team’s president and general manager Chris Sienko fully supported her efforts.

“They have already donated money to my foundation, so they really are. And let them actually show it, not just say it…it’s not easy for the team.” Montgomery said . “The team’s job is to perform well in one season, but they stooped and showed their support. So, I am very grateful for this.”

The team’s equality initiatives also include Designated June 14 as a company holiday And hosting Virtual Pride Group on June 25 “It will focus on the race issues of LGBTQ+ and Atlanta.”

The only glitch in Dream’s cohesive reaction is the political message from Dream co-owner Senator Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.) that she is about to hold elections in November (she was appointed to fill 12 Vacancy in the month). Within hours of Montgomery’s announcement, the senator posted several messages on Twitter, attacking and opposing radicals who want police reform and strengthened supervision of law enforcement.

Loeffler (Loeffler) is a voice supporter against many reasons for the overall support of the alliance. He has published a famous campaign supporter’s statement. He called social justice activists “helpless to progress” and is “bringing to our community.” confusion”. In addition, she often criticized “fake news media” and “radical leftists.”

After discussing the difficult dialogue surrounding race and justice, Montgomery was asked if she had the opportunity to talk to Lovell about these issues, because the senator’s point of view was 180 degrees from the WNBA player activist.

She said, “I’m sorry, I haven’t.” “I don’t have an answer because I don’t.”

Nonetheless, Montgomery’s efforts are getting more and more attention in the media and supported by colleagues and fans throughout the league. They are happy to see her play a leading role in these tense times.

She said: “Actually, many WNBA players feel the same to me.” She admits that she is in a lucky position to take a vacation and skip the league’s bubble atmosphere in Brandonton, Florida to cope with the crown. The virus is pandemic, but she said that many players have arrived to show her “just support and tell me, if you need any help, please tell me.”

“We don’t have to stay together for common.”

Charles Hallman contributed to this report.

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