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Colin Kood (James Harden) was not built for the playoffs

the6man Jun 10

Via lmtonline.com

Sports analyst Colin Cowherd participated in James Harden’s playoff appearance. According to him, the Houston Rockets superstar has repeatedly stated that he was not built for the playoffs. When Harden failed to follow the way the Rockets asked him to perform, Kochd listed some playoff games.

James Harden has disappointed us time and time again. The sixth game against the Spurs in 2017. He resigned and shot two shots, only eleven shots. Houston leads Golden State 3-2. Remember a few years ago? … Houston missed 27 consecutive shots. Harden was only 2 years old when he was 13, and he was very scared. They have champions. Khaohed recalled Harden’s playoff stumbling block.

“In 2015, the Rockets defeated the Clippers 3-1. Harden is too bad, his plus or minus is 21. They let him come off the bench, and the team came back without him. Last year, in the face of gold In the game of the Kolden State KD, Steph did not score in the first half, which was Harden’s victory. Stephen was much better. By the way, this is his only time to reach the finals. Fear of the Oklahoma City game. His shooting percentage is 37%.”

Cowherd remembers the ball-centric style Kobe Bryant said was exhausting. When the playoffs arrive, players will lose their legs. He said: “James Harden has repeatedly lost his legs in the playoffs.” In addition, he pointed out the fact that the beard “needs a whistle”, which he did not get in the playoffs. “He wasn’t built for the playoffs,” Kauld concluded.

This season, the Rockets and Harden will once again try to win the championship. They currently rank sixth with 40 wins and 24 losses.

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