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Corey Brewer: “Kevin Durant has no flaws in his game”

the6man Nov 01

Twitter / Golden State Warriors
Photo: Twitter / Golden State Warriors

Kevin Durant is one of the best players in the NBA, some say the best. Protecting him is of course a big task for every player. Corey Brewer, who had spent thirteen years in the NBA, shared his experiences protecting KD and what made his life more difficult on the offensive.

According to Brewer, the Brooklyn Nets superstar has a flawless game. Because of this, there are few ways to stop him.

Brewer’s plan is to poke Durant and keep looking him in the face to make him feel less comfortable.

“Kevin Durant has no mistakes in his game. It’s really hard to tell how you protect him because I never protect him in the same way. You cannot protect him in the same way. I just try to look at him as often as possible and hope he has a night off. ” Brewer wrote on the Basketball Network.

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