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CSKA reportedly will sign Tornike Shengelia

the6man Jun 15

Tony Santa Elia Basconia
Photo: European League Basketball

After signing Nikolai Milutinov and retaining Mike James, CSKA is ready to take another big move and sign with Basconia player Tornike Shengelia. According to SDNA reports, Coach Itoudis and CSKA have reached an agreement with the players.

Before St. Goliath became a CSKA player, the Russian club had to pay Basconia a buyout of about 1.5 million euros. According to SDNA, the buyout of the player will be borne by the Russian club, and the player will sign a three-year contract with CSKA.

Although it seems that we have reached an agreement, Nikos Varlas of Eurohoops, The report said that the acquisition of Shang Anlia has not yet been completed, and the two parties have been in negotiations for several weeks and are about to reach a final agreement.

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