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Dallas United guard Allisha Gray talks about new roles and developing her game

the6man Aug 04

In her fourth season, 2017 Rookie of the Year Allisha Gray (Allisha Gray) played a reserve role for Dallas United this season instead of a starting role. As of this year, Gray has played only half a minute in the past. She has performed equally well and has become a veteran of the youngest team in the WNBA.

The former Gamecock player from South Carolina was put on protective goggles after playing for the NBA. She is one of only five returnees in Dallas this year because the team has three first-round picks and has made several trades during the offseason.

Allisha Gray tried to surpass Kayla McBride. Ned Dishman / NBAE Photography: Getty Images.
Allisha Gray tried to surpass Kayla McBride. Ned Dishman / NBAE Photography: Getty Images.

I want to clean up first. According to reports, in the first game, you asked coach Brian Agler to come off the bench. Is it true?

This is actually the case. I don’t know if his words have been distorted, but I actually didn’t go to Brian to replace him. We discussed my role in the team, because I am a team member, which led me to leave the bench, so I will do anything for the team. If it is my duty to make me come off the bench, then I am willing to do so. As I said, this allows me to see the floor better and get the feeling of the game. When the game starts, I don’t feel nervous. But I never went to him personally and said I wanted to get off the bench. That’s just a role in the team this year.

What have you learned in your new position so far? How do you watch the game in different ways?

well. I can feel the energy of the game. I can feel the atmosphere of the game. I entered the game only to continue from where the team left. I mean, I will be more calm, it allows me to play games. I see that we are doing well, we are not doing well, and I can see whether the coach is saying that we don’t need to do this. I will know that no mistakes will be made on the court.

In this way, your character becomes a game by game? Do you have to do different things according to the game plan?

No, I just go to play my game. I mean, I have a feeling for the game, when I enter the game, I will be more comfortable now, which allows me to play the game.

When you became a professional player in the fourth grade, how do you say that you have grown and changed?

I would say it has grown a lot. Like, I did a lot of work this offseason. Working out in the gym five days a week, I’m really making shots for myself, and I would say that I can feel the game better, just like the game slows down for me. My game rhythm is better, now I feel better looking at the floor, and I feel better about the game.

The coach mentioned earlier this week that when you enter the game, your motivation will not drop. What is the key to keeping your energy going in the game?

You will stay in the game for a season to stay motivated. So personally, when I enter the competition, I just try to keep the energy of the team at the beginning and keep the team successful.

In addition to this year’s young people, how do you compare to the Wings team compared to the past few years?

We have multiple players who can play a bunch of positions, basically 1-5. We have many shooters. I find it fun to be with everyone, just like it is fun.

So far, in this tight season, how has the team adapted to the rapid transition between games?

I feel that we have made a good adjustment, I mean, we have got a proper rest. Even (on the weekend) in practice, it is more like a chilling practice, experiencing things like scouts. So I think we have made good adjustments.

I can’t imagine there is a lot of free time in the bubble, but how do you want to spend it?

For me, most of the time I just enter the room to play Xbox or watch movies.

I have been hearing that you have this new skill “pack”. How many of these packages can fans see this season?

You know, as long as it appears. If there are certain dilemmas in the game, I must perform certain actions. But I mean, I am a better player than last year. I personally feel that even through the first few games, I look like a brand new person. I just think that owning a handbag now is becoming a brand new player, and it has improved from last season.

Dallas, currently 2-2, will play Chicago Sky at 3 this afternoon. 6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time ET.

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