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Damian Lillard fires on Orlovsky’s frozen road

the6man May 30

Former NFL QB Dan Orlovsky (Dan Orlovsky) published a frosty expression on ESPN’s “Get Up” this week.

Panels including Orlovsky, Doris Burke and Dominique Foxworth discussed the comments of the Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard about possible return to NBA .

Lillard said that if his team does not have a path to playoff contention, then he will not participate in the game.

Orlovsky expressed dissatisfaction with Lillard’s attitude towards potential rewards, and even called him “a spoiled qualified kid”.

Foxworth and Burke immediately responded to Orlovsky, saying his criticism was invalid and he did not consider the potential health effects on Lillard’s family.

Soon after, Lillard responded to a fairly simple message via Twitter.

Obviously, Orlovsky implied that Lillard ’s personal choice not to participate in the game qualified him to be spoiled, which is incompatible with him.

Not to mention that the NBA season has not yet been confirmed.

All Orlovsky’s criticism is based on speculation.

Regardless of whether the season returns, Lillard seems determined to support his teammates and community, just like he did in Portland.

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