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Damian Lillard released a new track on racism, and Geroge Floyd is called a “blacklist”

the6man Jun 10

Damian Lillard, also known as Dame D.O.L.L.A (Dame O.L.L.A), solved the problem of racial discrimination in the new track “Black List”.

Liliad sometimes left music on records, but after George Floyd’s death, the uprising around the world triggered a new plan for the NBA star.

“Blacklist” is Lillard’s way of expressing his feelings about racism, the murder of George Floyd and the “Black Lives Matter” protests in cities in the United States and around the world .

The track was produced in collaboration with Kev Choice music, a musician from Lillard’s hometown of Oakland, California.

Lillard takes a more poetic approach to this single, which is different from his previous release.

In addition to the background piano, the Trail Blazers star seriously talked about the topics he refers to in the song.

The track opens with the following lyrics:

“As a kind brother, if you are a racist, I will tell you. Or keep the white people quiet, you will not be able to make changes.”

As the rest of the song continues, Lillard discusses his status as a wealthy black athlete. Although his money and status have become NBA stars, he is still a victim of racism.

He said in the song: “As a black rich man living in this country, when people’s hatred for me comes from people among me, it is difficult to feel comfortable.”

In another part of the song, he commented on President Donald Trump’s response to the protests and the police brutality that followed.

“Won’t these good policemen say bad apples? How does the president lose his temper on TV! Like “if you steal,” we shoot the game. Dude is the jester and the treasure of the trust fund, he is numb with pain.

Then he found a way to link COVID-19 and racism to the NBA’s recovery.

“In 1950, how we divided, and I didn’t even get involved in the decision of this season. The racist pandemic was several years bigger than the virus.”

Music is Lillard’s latest response to systematic racism and police brutality, but he also managed to participate in a protest march in Portland, which is recorded on Instagram Live.

Another way Lillard stays active is through Twitter. On this site, someone asked some thought-provoking questions about the relationship with the police and the people they were supposed to protect and serve.

Damian Lillard and Portland Trail Blazers are among the 22 teams that are planning to restart their season in Orlando on July 31.

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This post is written by Eric Magana


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