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Damian Lillard stated that LeBron James should be the 2019-20 NBA MVP

the6man May 29

Damian Lillard LeBron James

The MVP game between LeBron James and Janis Antetokounmpo will be an interesting game as long as the King is still on top of his power.

As far as this year’s game is concerned, Damian Lillard knows who he is going with.

Lillard said that James was his choice to play in ESPN’s “James vs. Jacobi.” He used the Lakers’ Western Conference lead record and LeBron’s impressive data as the reason for the choice.

Lillard said: “If you say any one, I think no one will have a problem with it.”

“But personally, I think it’s LeBron this season. They are the first team in the West. They are consistent throughout the year.

To make him reach his age, also take into account his mileage on the body, how often he is talked about, the pressure they put on him in everything he does, and the level of performance he shows. “I think He is the most valuable player. “

According to reports, James vowed to regain the throne from Antetokounmpo this season.

According to Lillard, he already owns it.

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