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Damian Lillard suspects that his NBA colleagues will follow strict “bubbling” rules

the6man Jul 03

Damian Lillard seriously doubts whether NBA players will strictly abide by the “bubble” rules in the Orlando campus environment.

As the league prepares to start again, next week the teams will start to Orlando, Florida.

“My confidence is not great,” Lillard said on Wednesday.

“My confidence is not very good, because you told me that you are going to have 22 teams that abide by all the rules? When we have 100% freedom, everyone will not abide by all the rules. I don’t have much confidence. But hope It will be handled to the point where it does not put everyone at risk or in danger.”

The 22 teams participating in the restart competition will arrive in Orlando from Tuesday, and all participants will be tested on arrival.

After completing this operation, everyone will be quarantined for up to 48 hours and then tested again.

After the initial isolation and testing rounds have ended, the foam environment will begin and interaction with the outside world will be eliminated.

Once the second round of the playoffs begins, close family members will be allowed to join the bubble.

However, the increasing number of coronavirus cases in Florida has caused the NBA to question its current plans.

Lillard went on to add: “In fact, we will be caught in a bubble, which really knocked it down and limited our access to everyone outside the Orlando bubble. I think this is a safer situation .. But I don’t think they can protect us 100%. I think everyone understands this.”

If the player leaves the foam environment, they will be required to be quarantined for 10 days and must undergo a deep nose test.

Players are not allowed to enter each other’s rooms, but they can socialize through video games, one-on-one table tennis and golf.

All 22 groups received 113 pages of documents outlining all agreements in the campus environment.

When Damian Lillard was suspicious of the restart, he planned to make some preparations to maintain his position and lead the Blazers out of the predicament and into the playoffs with a schedule of eight games.

The Trail Blazers are currently 3.5 games behind the eighth seed Memphis Grizzlies.

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