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Damian Lillard wants to win a championship with the Blazers

the6man Aug 26

Damian Lillard
Photo: Justin Tafoya / Getty Images

Damian Lillard addressed his future with the Portland Trail Blazers as he is still embroiled in trade rumors.

Lillard doesn’t see himself leaving Portland and aims to win a championship with the Blazers.

“We’re losing to Denver, they were, as you know, unhealthy. I’m frustrated with the Denver loss so we have to do better.

I’ve always said that I want to play in Portland, I want to win in Portland, and I still feel that way. So if I say we have to do better, we have to give ourselves a real chance, we can’t get out of the first round the way we are, then we have to get better.

It was like, if it comes down to it, I have to go ahead and do something else, then maybe that’s what I have to do

But it was like, I didn’t make that decision, you know what I’m saying? But the fact remains that I want to win a championship in Portland, ”Lillard told Complex’s Pierce Simpson.

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