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Damian Lillard won the game against the Celtics

the6man Aug 03

Damian Lillard Mishap

On Sunday afternoon, the Portland Trail Blazers lost 128-124 to the Boston Celtics on the ESPN Universal Sports Arena in Orlando.

Star point guard Damian Lillard performed well-averaging 30 points, 16 assists and 2 statistics per game, but Lillard’s misfortune late in the game made the Blazers The team has no chance to tie the game.

With 3.4 seconds left in the game, Lillard dropped a three-pointer and passed the ball to Jusuf Nurkic for an easy two-pointer, instead of being unable to shoot outside the three-point line.

Lillard said: “In my mind, I was like letting me grab it and launch it as soon as I got space.”

“I know we didn’t time out. I grabbed it and planned to shoot it, but I opened it as soon as I saw Nurk grabbed it. I think I just thought about it.”

The Trail Blazers then fouled Gordon Hayward, who made two free throws to return the Trail Blazers deficit to three points.

After a terrible pass from Nurkic, the Celtics regained possession of the ball and ended the game with Jayson Tatum’s free throw percentage by four points.

“This is our playoffs,” Lillard said. “If we don’t look at it that way, we might play eight games here and then go home. This is how we play.”

The Trail Blazers’ defeat on Sunday caused them to drop from 9th to 10th in the Western Conference. This is the halftime of the game where the eighth seed may participate.

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