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Damian Lillard’s top trading destinations are Lakers and Knicks

the6man Jul 06

Damian Lillard
Photo: Forbes / Getty Images

NYPOST writer Marc Berman said this afternoon: “When the point keeper Damian Lillard asks for a trade, he believes the Knicks and Lakers would be his choice.”

Depending on who the Knicks choose in this year’s design, Lillard is the cashier they were looking for. The Knicks have room for a blockbuster expansion of their team, but the question has always been whether people want to be part of the reconstruction or not. We saw this in the summer when Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving preferred the nets over the Knicks. The Knicks must be able to make their franchise more attractive to superstars.

On the other hand, the Lakers may need to get rid of some players to include Lillard in the squad. I doubt they touch Anthony Davis or Lebron. What else would you do? Would it be the answer to get rid of solid role players like Caldwell-Pope, Kyle Kuzma or Dwight Howard? Who knows.

Lillard has found in the past that he is dissatisfied with the Trail Blazer’s front office. He also announced that he considers Lebron James the “best player in the NBA” and should win this year’s MVP. Lillard has never reached an NBA final and is in the prime of his career. Most players who have been rated “great” have a championship in their name. If he wants to take a big step in his career, now is the time.

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