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Danny Ainge describes the Celtics’ special trade plan

the6man Feb 04

The Boston Celtics have done their best to start the 2020-21 NBA season, but the general manager and president of basketball operations said the team is actively seeking to improve through the trading market.

In the offseason, due to the signing of Gordon Hayward with the Charlotte Hornets and trading them, the Celtics received a $28.5 million trade exception.

Unless the Celtics lose their salary, all exceptions cannot be used, especially the salary of center Tristan Thompson, who has an annual salary of $9.2 million and won’t be traded until February 28.

Until then, the Celtics can use most of the anomaly, but Angie said it will require a “very good deal.”

“The challenge is that the transactions that you can do to gradually change the team can be completed within the next two weeks, but have you missed a better opportunity?” added Ainge. “This is what we have to recognize,” Ainge said in 98.5 Sports center with touch screen and rich functions.

But what is the right deal for Ainge?

“What I want to talk about may be shooting percentage, and scale… In this league, you have many different ways to win. We can use shooting, we can use passing. But you always need defense, and our team It’s built on defense. In the past few years, we have been winning on defense. I know we haven’t won the championship, but we need defense.”

Harrison Barnes (Harrison Barnes) of the Sacramento Kings is known as the Celtics’ best player.

In 21 games this season, Barnes averaged 17.2 PPG from field goal percentage, and his career-high three-pointer percentage was 41%.

More importantly, Barnes will help Boston on the defensive end.

No matter what Ainge will eventually do, all of this is obvious: Boston (11-9) must take action to have a chance to compete for this season’s NBA championship.

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