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Danny Ainge on Jayson Tatum’s design: “Jayson never went to Phoenix”

the6man May 16

Photo: AP Photo / Charles Krupa

Danny Ainge had Jayson Tatum in mind from the start during the 2017 NBA design process. The president of the Boston Celtics basketball department spoke about “The Lowe Post podcastWhen choosing Jayson Tatum after trading with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Tatum admitted he wanted to go to Phoenix at the time, but a call from his agent and Duke Mike Krzyzewski’s head coach convinced him to go to the Boston Celtics.

“Jayson would never go to Phoenix. Even though he hadn’t come in on the second day of training before drafting, we still wanted to take Jayson Tatum. It’s good that all these stories come out about how everyone would take him in, and we have Jayson Tatum, ”said Ainge per SBnation.com.

In addition, the Celtics front office was confident that Tatum will be available in the third selection, and this is why Ainge decides to trade down in the 2017 NBA draft.

“We had an eye on Jayson Tatum. We were very confident that Philly would bring Markelle (Fultz) and Lonzo (Ball) to LA. We were very confident in this assessment. “

As for ball, Ainge said that no team other than the Lakers could persuade him to “go to training.”

“We were number one for most of this process and couldn’t get him to workout. Nobody could get him to workout. That was one reason why we believed in the information. We believed very strongly in that.” Ainge noticed.

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