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Daredevils go crazy for the biggest nut in the world

the6man Jun 16

Dunking Devils
Photo: Dunking Devils

Despite its small size, a nut is one of the most important inventions; After all, it is the element that holds several parts together. Without them, our machines, buildings, vehicles and ships would simply fall apart. Although many of mankind’s greatest achievements would not have been possible without the nut, their role and meaning are often overlooked. To pay tribute to this seemingly insignificant item, the world-famous acrobats DD Squad teamed up with some of the most successful Slovenian companies and made a video with the biggest nut in the world!


What do the moon landing, space exploration and architectural wonders like the legendary Golden Gate Bridge or the tallest building of the Burj Khalifa have in common? None of this would have been possible without small hexagonal metal objects – nuts. Nuts are one of the most common elements in construction and machine construction. They keep everything together and without them, devices and devices that we use every day would simply fall apart! Nobody really knows when the nut was invented, but many believe that it dates back to ancient Greece. Square nuts were first made and were most common until the 19th century when hex nuts were made. Although the mother usually literally connects different parts together, this time her connecting role was more figurative.


The largest nut in the world, measuring 2 by 4 meters and weighing an incredible 2 tons, brought together the world-famous acrobats DD Squad and some of the most successful Slovenian companies. Matica MB, a nut manufacturer, started this whole story by ordering the world’s largest nut made by Lesnina OK. Dvig delivered the cranes that lifted the nut a whopping 21 meters into the air, where the fearless quartet performed its insane acrobatic tricks.


The mother fastened several parts by turning, which is also the central theme of the video. The clip shows a series of breathtaking acrobatic tricks and spinning flips that are intertwined with the cyclical nature of life and natural phenomena. Rotation is the basic movement of our reality, without which life would not exist. Even we, albeit quietly and in one place, continually turn and travel with the Earth through space. By rotating the video connects the nut with the inspiring story of progress and development. The project brings something positive and reminds us of the need to make contacts and work together at a time when the COVID 19 crisis brought us great challenges. After all, the greatest achievements of mankind are always the result of the collaboration and work of many elements – often linked by a mother.


Jan Žnidaršič, Dunking Devils acrobat and member of the DD Squad

“The basic idea of ​​the video was to imitate the dynamics and movement of the mother with our body and to connect it to her by rotation. The execution of the project was quite challenging due to the size and weight of the nut, but luckily we were able to do practically all of the acrobatic tricks we imagined. What I’m most proud of is the fact that I jumped from 21 meters, which was a big jump outside of my comfort zone. I usually jump from lower heights and, more importantly, a stable platform – which the mother was obviously not. Due to the wind and the nut swaying in the air, I had to be extremely careful when jumping because only an inch can be fatal. Fortunately, everything went according to plan and as a result we have a fantastic video that we can share with you! “

Domen Rozman, manager of Dunking Devils

“Our philosophy:” There is a true direction – UP! “was still our motto during this pandemic. We are happy to have had the opportunity to work with companies that share our vision and successfully complete another project despite the difficult times we have all been through. We believe that we have created another inspiring story that we hope will motivate people to pursue their projects, dreams and goals regardless of the circumstances. ”

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