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Daryl Morey says Joel Embiid is the core of the championship

the6man Nov 03

76ers Joel Embiid

Daryl Morey, the new president of basketball operations for the Philadelphia 76ers, referred to the All-Star big man Joel Embiid as “the kind of player who won the championship.”

Morey is known for his outstanding performance in the Houston Rockets’ five-point offensive plan. He praised Embiid for his ability to change the rules of the game and the absolute potential to win the 76ers league championship.

“Joel is a dominant, dominant big man,” Morey said.

“I am happy to come back to this point.”

These comments are clearly a nod to the lack of a strong center in Houston in previous years, and what is interesting is how Morey and his new team responded with two paint-based stars in Ben Simmons and Embiid. Off-season mobile.

In the 76ers, there are loud voices from all over. They believe that the key to unleashing the team’s best potential is to surround them with shooters, separate the floor, and let Simmons play and kick with the guy who quickly receives the ball. His pass is over.

The talent is there, the pedigree of the coaching team and the front desk seems to be a major upgrade in the past few years. Now everyone is in this off-season and 2020/21 season to see what happens in Philadelphia.

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This post is written by Nick Kelland


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