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Daryl Morey will join the 76ers as director of basketball operations

the6man Oct 30

Daryl Morey 76ers

It’s only a few weeks since Daryl Morey and the Houston Rockets (Houston Rockets) agreed to break up, but if there are rumors that the former NBA executive of the year will find a new home in Philadelphia.

According to a report by Murray, Murray is likely to become the new president of the Philadelphia 76ers basketball business. ESPN’S Adrian Wojnarowski.

Woj also reported that if Morey takes over, the current 76ers GM-Elton Brand-will continue to serve at the company.

The 76ers hired Doc Rivers as their new head coach a few weeks ago, and reports indicate that he supports the hiring of Morey.

According to reports, Morey has already met with the 76ers, and both parties seem to be interested in reaching an agreement.

Last year, Morey caused the Chinese government’s anger when he posted a tweet saying “fight for freedom and stand with Hong Kong.”

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver expressed support for Morey’s freedom of speech, but there is no doubt that some executives in the league office are dissatisfied with the financial impact of his comments.

Morey is widely regarded as one of the smartest executives in the NBA, and he is largely responsible for the revival of the small ball lineup.

If Morey does end the game in Philadelphia, it will be interesting to see if he keeps All-Star Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid together because of their combination and the lineup he likes to play in Houston. in contrast.

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