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David Griffin explains Jion Williamson’s controversial decision to sit in a pinch

the6man Aug 01

When the New Orleans Pelicans entered the final two minutes in the restarted NBA season against the Utah Jazz yesterday, there was an obvious omission on the court. Rookie forward Zion Williamson sat on the bench in warm-up gear with a towel around his neck, watching Jazz center Rudy Gobert make two free throws with 6 seconds remaining , He and Pelicans teammates fell 106-104.

Indeed, for Alvin Gentry’s man (who dominates for a long time), this is more than just a winning game, but these victories are crucial in the truncated eight seeded games found in the NBA. Even with this problem, even with Williamson’s clear record of the time limit, why the Pelicans could not save his precious serve at the end of the second half, and the subsequent critical moment could not be resolved?

The Pelicans’ executive vice president of basketball, David Griffin, wanted to answer this question when speaking after the game.

“Their reason [the minute rationings] This happened at the beginning, and the medical team wanted to make sure he stayed warm and relaxed before going on the court. Griffin said. “Everything they do is based on this. The player has a very clear routine. His routine work is to relax at a certain time. We don’t want him to relax, and then sit and wait, because this is not conducive to his best performance. “

Griffin quickly gave up this strategy. Even in the face of a loss-making jazz band, he almost lost. He cited Williamson’s absence from the bubble for a whole week to solve the family emergency. This is another aspect of his continued efforts. the reason. he made it.

“We have a very clear plan [for every player]And every member of the team [has] Complete this plan,” Griffin said. “The plan includes time for many teams to participate in games. Many of our players are limited to 15 minutes or 12 minutes. Not because of a fixed playing time, but because of a fixed way of playing. “

This situation obviously has a precedent, because the Pelicans have been working hard throughout the season to find the best strategy to ensure that they get the most from the unique 129 kg frame that Williamson has. Their playing time is the second game in the bubble against the Clippers.

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This post is written by Nick Kelland


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