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David Griffin of the Pelicans says New Orleans will start accepting the game later in the season

the6man May 19

David Griffin New Orleans Pelicans
Image: Gerald Herbert / Associated Press

No one knows when / whether the current NBA season will return, or when the next season will start, but David Griffin, president of the New Orleans Pelicans basketball business, believes that It started to benefit his team.

The NBA strongly considers postponing the start of the next season to December to give the league more time to easily complete this season.

Griffin said in a conference call with multiple reporters: “From my point of view, I will really start embracing us in the future.” Frankly speaking, our fan base has been on the market from the beginning In terms of foothold, this will be the best opportunity for us to gain foothold in the market. We are in a situation where football is king, and this will always be the case. We are in a unique position to understand what this transformation can do from a beneficial perspective. Maybe other markets have different feelings. Of course we will accept it, “Griffin said. per nola.com.

As the NBA may begin the season beginning in December, the “conflict interest” between the Pelicans and the Saints (New Orleans City’s NFL team) will diminish.

The Pelicans executives also mentioned that NBA teams need to return to shape to play the highest level of time.

Griffin pointed out: “I think it will be difficult to get the league back to our facilities and prepare us to prepare us for a month to prepare physically and then only participate in one or two weeks of competition.” I think that unless they can give us a complete schedule, they will not let us back. I expect that if we come back, there will be enough games for us to do some damage. “He added Via nola.com.

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