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David West talks about the 2018 Warriors panic with meningitis

the6man Jul 29

David West once said in 2018 about the mysterious information about some internal problems that will arise in one day, and two years later we seem to have the answer. West participated in the tampering podcast and talked about the 2018 season and the meningitis the team suffered.

David West, a former Golden State magnate, said: “That’s a friend of one of my doctors, ‘Well, do you know how serious it is?’ I’m like ‘No.’

Until nothing is known, the severity is unknown. West glanced back to understand what had happened. Talk about how the Warriors quickly took steps to solve this problem.

He said: “We have handled some things internally, and when you find out about it, you will all trip. I’m serious. You are all going to travel. This proves the types of these people and how we are as a team. Closely linked together, and our determination to win.” West also said.

That year, the Warriors continued to win championship titles. Fans still firmly believe that this is not the story of the whole internal problem. As we all know, in the following season, a rift between Kevin Durant and Draymond Green began.

When West looked back, he continued to say the following.

“This started to make us start thinking about the fears of our family and children. I thought, “Man, if one of us had this, it might be crazy. “But thankfully, we got out of the predicament.”

The team has to endure this is a very scary situation, and there may be many more. Every player must shoot, and if the Warriors hadn’t taken quick steps to help resolve the situation, then there would be no idea what would happen.

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This post is written by Justin Hickey


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