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DeMar DeRozan is frustrated with the league’s COVID-19 plan

the6man Jul 03

The 113-page NBA Health and Safety Handbook is well received by experts, but Spurs and other players Dema DeRozan, Frustrated with certain agreements.

“Table tennis is ridiculous,” DeRozan told ESPN, referring to the fact that players are prohibited from playing doubles table tennis at their hotel.

“People can’t do this, but can we do this and compete with each other? That part is meaningless to me.”

Although players can have sufficient contact on the court, the league will impose strict social alienation rules outside the court.

“I went through 10 lines of the manual and just put it down, because it sometimes becomes so frustrating and overwhelming because you never thought you would encounter this kind of situation. So sometimes it is difficult to deal with.” DeRozan Say.

Brooklyn Nets Center Jarret Allen The players expressed concern, but they also had full confidence in the league.

“We are all caught in the unknown. But in the end, there is no doubt that Disney and the NBA are providing the best solution for us.” Allen said.

Although these rules may seem arbitrary or contradictory, Dr. Anthony Fudge, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said the plan is very creative.

Fauci said: “I think they are likely to succeed by creating this bubble to create a situation as safe as possible.”

As the task force began to arrive in Florida, the sunny states had the highest number of COVID-19 cases since the pandemic began.

Thursday, Florida 10,000 records were recorded, bringing the total to 170,000 cases and 3,617 deaths.

Tips for DeRozan and Spurs Restart Against the Sacramento Kings on July 31.

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