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DeMar DeRozan is frustrated with the NBA’s “ridiculous” bubble rules

the6man Jul 02

Photo via Essentially Sports.com

DeMar DeRozan has admitted that he is not satisfied with the rules that the NBA has set for the bubble in Orlando.

Teams and players received a 113-page health and safety guide from the league last month that outlines protocols such as social distance outside of games and practices. As DeRozan sees it, the rules are pretty ridiculous because players can basically do anything they would do in a normal basketball setting, e.g. For example, going from body to body in defense, looking for loose balls and setting screens, but not playing doubles in a game of table tennis.

“The ping-pong thing is ridiculous, to be honest,” said the San Antonio Spurs security guard ESPN on Thursday. “Guys can’t, but we can fight it and fight for each other? This part just doesn’t make sense to me. I looked through 10 lines of the manual and just put it down because sometimes it got so frustrating and overwhelming because you just never thought that you would be in such a situation, so it’s sometimes difficult to process. “

DeMar DeRozan San Antonio Spurs
Photo: San Antonio Spurs

DeRozan’s argument is well received. While the NBA understandably plans to do everything possible to minimize the risk of players getting and spreading COVID-19, players go to Orlando to achieve situations where the closest possible contact is made. An earlier report claims Nine other players tested positive for respiratory diseases Late last month.

DeMar DeRozan helped the Spurs to a position where they were far from qualifying for the playoffs, and it will be interesting to see how they develop compared to the other teams fighting for last place in the west.

At the moment he’s pretty tired of this health and safety manual.

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