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Derrick Rose almost missed the NCAA title game because of his candy addiction!

the6man Jun 24

As a freshman, Derrick Rose’s addiction to candy became a problem. His college teammate Chris Douglas-Roberts said: “He eats gummy bears and starbursts for breakfast and twizzlers and honey buns for dinner.” Douglas-Roberts said he and his teammates told Rose throughout the season to “stop eating so many gummy bears and sour straws, but he can’t.” He added that “no one eats gummy bears any more than he does.”

Addiction became a problem on the day of the NCAA title game against Kansas. John Calipari, then head coach of Memphis, said Rose’s “stomach had bothered him”. Rose suffered from a stomach disorder that forced him to miss the media sessions that day, which worried the public.

Rose struggled through the fights and managed to score 18 points, 8 assists and 6 rebounds despite the defeat. In 2010, Rose addressed his sweet tooth and said, “Everyone has their poison, mine is sugar.”

He would continue his sugar fight because Rose would play Orlando Magic in January 2011 despite TWO stomach ulcers. Luckily, Derrick Rose has now taken care of his diet and is trying to fight his sweet tooth every day to extend his NBA career.

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