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Despite different opinions on the game, the Lakers still claim to be united

the6man Jun 15

Don’t believe the hype.

Despite reports that some players are opposed to resuming this season, the Los Angeles Lakers still assure everyone that they are united.

In a group call of nearly 100 players on Friday, Lakers Dwight Howard and Avery Bradley Joining Kyrie Irving and others, he questioned whether he could return to the game.

Irving has been a catalyst for canceling the restart movement.

According to sources Athletics, Bradley (Bradley) is very concerned about when players play their power, it is time to “play chess, not checkers.”

In any case, the player claimed that there was no problem between the Lakers teammates and told ESPN:[There’s] There is no gap. “

Another player added: “There is still some time to solve the problems of the league and the team.”

Howard provided a huge promotion for the Lakers this season, and the game was suspended on March 11.

Despite the call for unity, the Lakers substitute center issued a statement to CNN, seemingly questioning his wishes:

I agree with Kyrie. There is currently no need for basketball or entertainment hours, which only distracts. Of course, this may not distract us, but we have the resources at hand [the] Most people in our community do not. For them, the smallest disturbance may produce a trickle effect, which may never stop. Especially the current climate. Apart from winning my first NBA championship, I have nothing to ask for. However, the unity of our people will be a better champion, that is too beautiful to surpass.
What better time to focus on family than now? I think this is a rare opportunity and we as a community should make the most of it. When can we have so much time to sit down with our family and be with them? This is the starting point of our unity. At home! stay with family! !

team leader LeBron James He has expressed his desire and enthusiasm to return to the game.

As more and more players express their reservations, James’s most difficult challenge this year may not be to win the championship, but to return everyone to the court to compete for a place.

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This post is written by Bonny Johnson


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