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Dirk Nowitzki admits he is powered by Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett

the6man May 22

Dirk Nowitzki Dallas Mavericks
Photo: Tony Gutierrez / Associated Press

Legend Dirk Nowitzki (Dirk Nowitzki) revealed that he was driven by NBA icons Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett.

During their heyday, all three of them were considered the top big men in the NBA.

“In my career, I always have to find a way to motivate myself. In the summer, I perform the same routine six times a week, seven times each time.

Obviously, sometimes I ’m not always very active, but I can always find a way, whether you know I ’m in bed in the morning, I do n’t want to get up, I said to myself: “Hey, Kevin Garnett (Kevin Garnett) I am not lying on the bed when I am sleeping now, and Tim Duncan is not on the bed, so I have to raise my butt to practice.

Once there, when the routine begins, of course I will be very happy. Sometimes it ’s just, ‘oh, overcome the hump, stand up and walk,’ ’Nowitzki said in an interview Mavericks reporter Devin Price.

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