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Doc Rivers described Ben Simmons’ situation as “uninteresting”

the6man Oct 21

The head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers, Rivers, had an unpleasant life in the city of brotherly love.

That’s because the 3x All-Star Ben Simmons made his job difficult-first because he didn’t attend training camp, and then because he was late, frustrated, and uninterested.

Rivers kicked Simmons out of the training ground on Tuesday; inciting the organization to suspend the former No. 1 pick on the grounds of “behaviour against the team.”

“This is the dilemma we are in, and that part is not fun. It’s really not,” Rivers said, passing ESPN.

“We can play now, but Ben didn’t. I want instinct to play. That’s his job.”

The 76ers will start their season against the New Orleans Pelicans at 8 PM PST on Wednesday (October 20).

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This post is written by Chris Heckmann


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