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Doc Rivers explains why Tim Duncan does not join the Magic

the6man May 21

Doc Rivers, Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles Lakers
Photo: Darren Cummings / Associated Press

Doc Rivers explained why the legendary Tim Duncan didn’t sign the Orlando Magic back in 2000.

Duncan became a free agent after the 1999/00 season and will soon join the Magic. However, he asked for a final meeting with San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich and eventually stayed with the Spurs.

“This story is incorrect, because we are really talking about it, and I actually told him that the absolute family cannot always fly, but the family can fly once in a while. This story is wrong.

In fact, what I remember most was when Tim Duncan looked at me and said, ‘I ’m pretty sure I ’m actually here for the Magic. I just need to go back to San Antonio because I like Pop, and I want to meet Pop last time. ’

I want to say John Calipari, but I ’m not sure, because during this period I called many coaches because they recruited them. I think it ’s Cal. I called him when Tim left, and he said, “Did you catch him?” Then I said, “Yes, it looks like we caught him. He wants to go back to Pop and David )chat.’

He said, ‘Okay, you lost him. We have a rule. You cannot let the child leave the campus without signing him. ‘”The Magic coach Rivers passed on #NBATogether News 4 Jeff Garcia of San Antonio.

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