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Doc Rivers says LeBron James may be an NFL goat

the6man May 16

LeBron James Football

Although LeBron James is regarded by some as the greatest basketball player of all time, an NBA coach thinks he may also be the “goat” in another sport.

Clippers coach Doc Rivers, speaking with his son in “Going to Podcast with Austin Rivers,” said that if James chose that path, he might have played forever. The best football ever.

Rivers said: “I don’t know if there are players like LeBron James in our league.”

The young Rivers replied: “I don’t think there is anyone like LeBron James in sports.”

Then Doc came back:

“It’s funny. You are right. I really believe that if LeBron James plays football, he may be the greatest football player of all time.”

James was 6 feet 9 in high school and weighed 250 pounds. He performed well in two high school seasons.

He was even recruited by some Class I universities including Notre Dame, but eventually chose basketball and never looked back.

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