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Documents show that Kobe Kobe pilot may have been foggy

the6man Jun 18

According to the National Transportation Safety Board, when the helicopter carrying Kobe Bryant and seven other passengers crashed on the hill, Ala Zobayan may have lost his way.

Federal investigators said in a document released on Wednesday that Zobayan reported to the air traffic control department that he was actually climbing while descending.

Documents show that Zobayan told the air traffic controller to climb to 4,000 feet on January 26 to cross the clouds.

However, the machete crashed in northwest Los Angeles, killing all nine people on board.

The NTSB said that Zobayan did not understand the angle of his descent and tilt, which may have occurred when the pilot was disoriented due to low visibility.

A report said: “The calculated apparent angle at this time indicates that the pilot may have misunderstood the pitch angle and the roll angle. During the final descent, the pilot responded to (air traffic control), saying that they would climb to 4000 people.”

Aviation consultant John Cox explained that the flight pattern of Kobe helicopters is unstable, indicating that the pilot became disorientated when trapped.

Because the pilot had difficulty seeing the terrain, the plane slowed down, climbed, and then leaned to one side while sinking quickly.

Cox said: “He was not the first to experience it.”

“This is an important cause of the accident.”

The report contains 1,700 pages and does not provide conclusions on the cause of the crash.

All it does is compile the fact of collapse.

The final report on this matter will be submitted later.

NTSB also managed to confirm that there were no signs of engine failure and that the rotor was still spinning before the crash.

On the morning of January 26, Bryant and other passengers were killed. After the news spread, they shocked the world.

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