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Dwane Casey and other NBA coaches react to the death of George Floyd

the6man May 31

The NBA community took a loud and obvious stand regarding the killing of George Floyd.

Detroit Pistons head coach Dwane Casey and other coaches, players and executives shared their thoughts and feelings during the difficult times in this country on social media last weekend.

A Minneapolis police officer kneeled on Freud’s neck and cut off the air supply. A 46-year-old black Freud was killed.
The video of the incident caused widespread protests and riots in the United States.

On Saturday, Casey made a statement on the team’s website.

Casey talked about his childhood experience growing up in Kentucky.

Casey said: “Fifty-four years ago, I was an eight-year-old boy who lived in the countryside of Kentucky when the school was isolated.”
“I walked into a white school, where I neither wanted nor liked it. There was no mobile phone to record my treatment, no cable news station that provided 24/7 coverage, or the authenticity of the social media record. Or provide support or condemnation. But I fully remember how I felt when I was an eight-year-old child. I felt helpless. I felt as if I was neither seen, heard or understood. Watching Minneapolis as I watched What happened in the days after the murder of George Floyd. Minneapolis was the city I coached and was once called home.

Atlanta Hawks coach Lloyd Pierce Atlanta Constitution Journal on Saturday.

Pierce said: “I just think there are many people who need to listen to black people, black people live in fear.”
“You may have seen the George Floyd incident, but have you heard of the best friends every day, the buddies who work with you or the women who work with you talk about her fears? So …. For me, I have always tried to express it. It is important that I speak here. What matters is what we all say. “

The overwhelming support of NBA coaches and players has made the league a leader in sports justice on social issues.

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