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Dwayne Wade tweets and then removed support for Nick Cannon

the6man Jul 16

Retired Miami Heat superstar Dwayne Wade deleted a tweet in support of Nick Cannon, which was passed by Viacom CBS for anti-Semitic remarks ) Dismissal.

Initially, Wade tweeted, “We are with you,” followed by black fist emoji and “Keep ahead!”

Shortly thereafter, the three-time champion has deleted the tweet and released follow-up messages to “clarify” his remarks.

Wade also published a third tweet condemning hate speech.

Cannon was sacked by ViacomCBS after praising Islam leader Louis Farrakhan nationals and discussing anti-Semitic conspiracy theories with visiting professor Professor Griff on Cannon’s podcast.

Griff was a member of the public rap group Public Enemy and was expelled from the group for controversial remarks such as “Jews are the culprit of most evils in this world.”

According to the Associated Press, Cannon claimed that the Jews had usurped the identity of black people.

He also said: “I found myself wanting to debate this idea. When we gave’them’ and’them’ such great power to make it the Illuminati, the Zionist, the Rothschild family, this It really makes me frustrated, confused and unclear.”

The Rothschild family is a popular target of conspiracy theories.

Cannon later apologized for his speech.

“I talked to many rabbis, clergy, professors and colleagues, and they provided sincere help. I must apologize to my Jewish brothers and sisters in order to plunge them into such a painful situation, which was never my intention. But I know that this whole situation has hurt many people and we will work together. I am committed to continuing the dialogue every day to bring the Jewish and African American communities closer together, embrace our differences and share our common ground. “

Wade’s former team took part in their first game Restart On August 1 against the Denver Nuggets.

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