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Dwight Howard and Klay Thompson’s reaction to 75 NBA snubs

the6man Oct 23

The NBA officially announced the list of the 75 greatest players in basketball history.

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All 75 players on the list should indisputably have their names recognized among the great men in history-but this does not mean that there are no onerous omissions.


Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard called his snubbing “disrespectful.”

Howard is 8 times All-Star, 8 times selected to the NBA All-NBA Team, 3 times DPOY, ROY, NBA champion, and is one of the leaders in rebounds and blocks in history.

In Howard’s defense, his Lakers teammate Anthony Davis entered the roster with much less seniority, which seems disrespectful.


Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson also called his negligence disrespectful.

Thompson was selected to the All-Star 5 times, the All-NBA Team 2 times, the best defensive player 1 time, and 3 championships.

Missing playing time due to injury certainly did not help Thompson’s case.

Every list will be left out-but Howard’s exclusion is puzzling.

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This post is written by Chris Heckmann


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