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Dwight Howard: “I agree with Carey (Owen). There is currently no need for basketball or entertainment hours”

the6man Jun 14

Dwight Howard
Photo: Jeff Qiu/Associated Press

The official statement from the Los Angeles Lakers big man Dwight Howard about the return to the season this summer, Cable News Network:

“I agree with Carey (Owen). There is currently no need for basketball or entertainment time, this will only distract. Of course, this may not distract us, but the resources we have are not available in most communities. For them, the smallest disturbance may have the effect of a stream, this effect may never stop. Especially in the current climate.

In addition to winning my first NBA championship, I can do everything. But the unity of “My People” will be a bigger champion, which is too beautiful to surpass. What better time to focus on family than now? “I believe this is a rare opportunity and we as a community should make the most of it. When can we have so much time to sit down with our family and be with them? This is the starting point for our Unity.

At home! stay with family! ! European colonization has deprived us of our rich history, and we have figured it out before we even sat down. The less distractions, the more actions we can take to rediscover ourselves. The nation comes from the family. Black/African Americans are not countries or nationalities. It’s time for our family to become their own country. Don’t basketball until we solve the problem. “

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This post is written by Erikas Polockas


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