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Dwight Howard: “Stop focusing on missing masks and ignoring real problems”

the6man Jul 19

Los Angeles Lakers big man Dwight Howard received a severe warning from the NBA League office earlier this week because he was wearing a mask while walking in bubbles.

Some people may think that Howard will admit his fault for violating the safety agreement made by health officials, but unfortunately, he did not do so.

“Everyone benefits a lot from it. But I think we are the safest in Orlando. We have to be tested every day. Therefore, we just get along with each other. We have to be tested every day. We can’t wear masks to practice. I personally think that in We won’t take this risk when we get here,” Howard told a group of reporters on Saturday.

Not long ago, it was speculated that Howard would withdraw from the NBA and renew his focus on family and social justice issues.

In a conversation with reporters on Saturday, Howard transformed the conversation into social justice.

“Brenna Taylor, who launched an outrageous incident on her, they are still free. They live the best life there. Don’t worry if I wear a mask, this is something we should discuss Why are these people not brought in? Why are they not accused of doing anything for them, or even arrested for what they did?

“These topics are not about who doesn’t wear a mask in a bubble, who is at a DJ party, and who doesn’t attend. These seem to be interesting. But we will not forget what is happening around the world. Those policemen, one of them was just in You posted a picture of yourself on the beach. How do you have a conscience? You just killed a person. And you are on the beach with a woman. You killed a woman and you spent a good time on the beach with more women Time. You know, that’s not right. There are mourning families, white and black people were killed by the police. They were killed for different things. The subject of the discussion is who is not masked, people are laughing. Let’s not forget Why are we here.”

It is admirable to see Howard using his platform to speak on larger issues, but he should keep in mind that the coronavirus still poses a threat to even the healthiest athletes.

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