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Dwyane Wade says the Miami Heat’s Big 3 are “one of the best” in NBA history

the6man May 17

Dwyane Wade 2
Photo: Jeff Haynes / Getty Images

Dwyane Wade believes the Miami Heat’s Big 3 are one of the best in NBA history.

Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh led the heat to four consecutive NBA finals (2011-2014) and won the title twice (2012, 2013).

“Are we the best ever? Probably not, but we are definitely one of the best in terms of the work we have done in these four years.

But are we the best? I can’t say that, but we’re definitely one of the best, ”said Wade in a video chat recently with Channing Frye and Udonis Haslem Bleacher Report takes it backabout Omar Guerrero from Heat Nation.

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