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Enes Kanter was shocked to hear the names of stars opposed to the NBA’s return.

the6man May 31

Photo: AP Photo / Michael Dwyer

Boston Celtics Center Enes Kanter claims to have heard from an NBA colleague that there are a number of players who are against returning to the pitch.

The NBA is supposed to be The goal is July 31 as a potential restart date and while many players look forward to the resumption of the season, it is clear that there are some of them who are not particularly keen to play during the pandemic.

Kanter was referring to information he received from an unnamed Eastern Conference team player when he spoke on his podcast. The Enes Kanter Showand revealed his “shock” about the revelation.

In quotes from NBA Sports Boston Chris Forsberg, he said:

“This is my ninth year in the league, I have so many friends in different teams, right? I actually spoke to one of my friends and he said – I won’t tell who or which team – but he said, “There are so many people on our team, they won’t play.” In fact, they are in the Eastern Conference in the playoffs and like superstars. If I tell you who it is, you will go crazy. “

Enes Kanter Celtics
Photo: AP

There are reports that make Kanter’s claim credible. Several players are said to have felt pressured to participate in voluntary workouts when certain facilities reopened this month.

According to Chris Haynes from Yahoo Sports, Chris Paul passed this on to Commissioner Adam Silver, who insisted that workouts were optional, and asked the Oklahoma City Thunder star to contact the NBA if this continues to be the case.

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