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epic! Bird, Rapinoe, Taurasi and Taylor participated in the IG Live Marathon; the best player ever driven live Hoopfeed.com

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Published on April 26, 2020


2020 WNBA draft results

For WNBA players, comfortable live broadcast from home is nothing new. Ten years ago, players made an account on the original version of Livestream.com and posted a link to their live video session on social media. Fans joined the chat and asked questions on the brand-new Internet object Livestream at the time. For example, Epiphanny Prince live-streamed her reaction to being selected from Turkey for the 2010 WNBA Draft.

Gradually, with the disappearance of new things, the popularity of Livestream has gradually disappeared among athletes, and other platforms that can be accessed directly from Twitter have also begun to flourish (remember Vine, Periscope?). Today, short videos (TikToks, Instagram stories) and long videos hosted on social media platforms (on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) dominate.

Although female basketball players of all levels often use video to connect with friends and fans around the world, the global coronavirus outbreak and orders to stay at home have increased the frequency of live broadcasts. Cancellation due to pandemic NCAA Championship with WNBA season delayedFans can get basketball training by watching replays of old games and their favorite players in live video.

Some live meetings are sponsored by the WNBA and universities, while others are spontaneous events that occur within a few hours of the player ’s start. Example: Last night ’s epic Instagram Live meeting was composed of Seattle Storm Guard Sue Bird, football star Megan Rapinoe (Birde ’s girlfriend), and Phoenix Mercury defender Diana Tarassi and Co-hosted by Mercury Assistant Coach Penny Taylor. The flow lasted more than three hours.

This noisy and interesting meeting revolved around a wide range of topics, including playing in Russia, WNBA team culture, Taurasi ’s misery of getting an active drug test by mistake in Turkey, interpersonal relationships, wealthy women Lack of support to improve the WNBA, etc. More. The live broadcast is not terrifying, because when using alcohol, bombs and other curse words fly by quickly: Bird and Rapinoe drink from the classic Moscow M cup, while Taurasi and Taylor drink red wine. Here are some events and real-time tweets from the live broadcast.

Live in Russia

Bird played comedy anecdotes in Russia in his early years, where he spent 10 offseason periods:

“I keep saying this, the only time I cry in Russia is when the fucking money is used up on the Internet … It’s like their Christmas and New Year are different, such as January 1-11, my money is used It ’s gone. I thought, I ’m sorry. What? I could n’t get online for nine days. That was the only time I wanted to cry. ”

Basically, before the movie service and the World Wide Web, players will buy DVDs for entertainment this week.

Women invest in sports

Taylor boasted that women did invest in projects that might not initially make a lot of money but did not engage in sports:

“Women who are women are just not passionate about sports.” She later added: “We all know that women make up 80% of the purchases in the family, but is this not like a marketing opportunity?”


“I think you need the initial 10 or 12 or 12 to invest, like, well, we believe this.”

Bird initially played in the WNBA, rather than playing a lot of money abroad:

Like, none of us play for money. Not that I never thought about it. It’s like your efforts to prove that you are a basketball player.

On the draft

Texas A & M University defender Chennedy Carter (Atlanta ranked 4th) was selected to the WNBA:

She is very much like Cappie. Everyone says that in fact, she has the ability to do what she wants to do. Correct? She will have to understand when, why and what.

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