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“Equality” is the first choice for NBA players’ social messaging jerseys

the6man Jul 10

In the nearly 30 messages players can choose, “equality” prevails.

So far, of the 350 qualified players, 285 have chosen a message, and 17 players plan to stick to their names.

The players didn’t make a choice until Monday, but Michele Roberts, executive director of the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA), told ESPN’s “Undefeated” that they are still waiting for more players to make a decision.

According to Roberts, the second most popular word is “black life”.

Roberts told The Undefeated: “The players have taken the jerseys they want to wear seriously because they know they will have a platform to convey information to a variety of people.”

“Given that there are many people participating, I think these people appreciate this as an opportunity to do exactly what they want. Keep going. The players are happy to return to the game. Hopefully we can work hard to play some great basketball And convey some good information.”

Both NBA and NBPA agreed to the proposal List of names.

In addition to English, there will be names in other languages, such as Slovenian, Italian, French, Creole. Latvia, Sen, Hebrew. Bosnian and Portuguese.

Oklahoma City Thunder guard Chris Paul (Chris Paul) is one of many players who choose “equality”.

“I chose’EQUALITY’ because it reminds us that in order to have real impact and change, we need to make a conscious effort to compete fairly in the environment, and create that will not be based on race, education, economy or gender. Paul’s system of prejudice, Paul told the undefeated.

The Boston Celtics Center and global activist Enes Kanter announced last week that he chose “freedom.”

These messages will be displayed above the player number on the jersey and can be worn in the first four games.

If the player wants to continue wearing the message, their name will be placed on the jersey number.

Players will be able to keep one of their jerseys, and the rest will be auctioned out, and the proceeds will be used for social justice funds managed by the players.

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This post is written by Bonny Johnson


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