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Eric Bledsoe returns to practice after fighting the coronavirus

the6man Jul 26

Milwaukee guard Eric Bledsoe resumed practice Friday for the first time since he tested positive for the coronavirus.

A few weeks ago, Bledsoe announced that he had COVID-19 and was quarantined at home.

“This is a tough guy. I am with my family to make things easier, but when I am with my family, they are around the house, which is a bit scary. So I kind of had to move them away from me, So I can isolate and return to the team.” Bledsoe said in an interview Competitive sports.

As for returning to the basketball court, Bledsoe said his pace was very slow.

“I walked back and forth on the court. Just touched basketball and felt it again, it was fun,” Bledsoe said. Associated Press.

The Bucks plan to play two more games before the NBA season is fully restored, so Bledsoe will have a little time to recover.

In his speech to the athletic team, the Bucks coach Mike Budenholzer (Mike Budenholzer) firmly believed that the Bucks and Bledsoe will have enough time to recover before the playoffs start in mid-August.

“We want to play basketball well. We want to be sharper and better in the process.” Budenholzer said. “But I don’t think we can ignore how valuable these are to him personally and to us. Of course, this gives us plenty of time for him to prepare for the playoffs and also for us to prepare for the playoffs. “

But if Bledsoe is ready to play the first official game for the Bucks on July 31, he will have to work quickly.

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