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ESPN cancels Rachel Nichols and The Jump

the6man Aug 25

ESPN announced that due to Nichols’ strong opposition to former ESPN reporter Maria Taylor’s race-related comments, the network will cancel The Jump and remove host Rachel Nichols from all NBA coverage.

“We agree that this method of reporting about our NBA is the best for everyone involved. Rachel is an excellent reporter, host, and reporter, and we thank her for her many contributions to our NBA content. Contribution,” said David Roberts, ESPN’s senior vice president of production, in a statement.

Nichols started The Jump in 2016 and hinted that the show was cancelled in a tweet posted on Wednesday.

“Must make a complete show and spend five years talking with some of my favorite people about one of my favorite things. Thank you forever for our amazing producers and staff-The Jump was never built as It lasts forever, but it is really interesting. There is more.”

ESPN and Nichols Under fire Since an article in the New York Times revealed Annotation Nichols said in a private telephone conversation recorded in the video.

In the recording, Nichols is talking to Adam Mendelssohn, LeBron James’ long-time adviser, and hints that Taylor was awarded the job (hosting ESPN’s pre- and post-game coverage of the 2020 NBA Finals) because of her It’s black.

“If you need to do more for her because you feel pressured by your long-term poor diversity record, by the way, I personally know from the female side, for example, do it,” Nichols said in In a recording published by the New York Times.

“Just look elsewhere. You won’t find it from me, and you won’t take my things,” she said.

Nichols Apologize to taylor After the “New York Times” report, and removed from the 2021 finals report.

Taylor Leave ESPN and get a job at NBC.

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