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ESPN’s college basketball bubble tournament in Orlando did not happen

the6man Oct 27

The college basketball season will begin in more than a month, but some opening games that were originally expected to be held in Orlando will no longer be played.

Although the plug was unplugged, the game has not yet been completed.

Track and field’s Seth Davis said on Monday that ESPN will no longer proceed with the planned bubble tip tournament because ESPN’s competition and the participating schools cannot reach a consensus on health and safety agreements.

10 activities are planned, including more than two procedures, and these activities will no longer be scheduled.

According to Clint Overby, vice president of ESPN Events, the problem lies in a few tricky questions about the test protocol.

In particular, ESPN insists on following the CDC guidelines, rather than the school’s idea of ​​following the conference guidelines, which is more lenient in some cases.

Clint Overby, vice president of ESPN Events, told the “Athletics”: “We have decided to shift our focus to ensuring that the team has enough time to make other plans. “In the end, we are biased towards safety and Make sure that what we achieve is in the best interest of the sport. Without these things, we decided that it would be best for the school to do it by itself. “

The plan broke down mainly because ESPN tried to comply with the guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and the NCAA, which are more restrictive than the protocols implemented by many conferences. The most controversial is ESPN’s desire to adhere to the guidelines, that anyone who tests positive for the coronavirus must be retested 90 days after being cleared. Several schools are frustrated with the idea of ​​retesting players soon. Overby said: “The 90-day test protocol becomes the key crux.” “Once we put it forward, individual schools will not agree, because their meeting rules are more open when you test people infected with the virus again.”

Contact tracking is another issue where consensus cannot be reached, and ESPN is unwilling to follow the guidelines set by the CDC.

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