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Facundo Campazzo reportedly leaves Real Madrid to enter the NBA

the6man Jul 29

Facundo Campazzo, Real Madrid
Photo: Europa League Basketball

Campazzo is expected to leave Real Madrid to enter the NBA this summer. The Argentine player must be released from the Spanish strong team before he can enter the NBA. According to the Spanish journalist Carlos Sanchez Blas (Carlos Sanchez Blas), of course players must pay a certain fee to Real Madrid to be released. According to Sanchez, this amount will be about 6 million euros, and according to the law, the team that signed Campazzo will pay 750,000 euros.

With this in mind, Campazzo should find a good contract in the NBA so that he can pay the rest of the NBA buyout fee. According to Sanchez, the Minnesota Timberwolves have expressed their intention to sign an Argentine guard, and the Dallas Mavericks are also paying attention to his situation.

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