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Fenerbahce: “The doors of our club are closed forever for Enes Kanter.”

the6man Jul 19

Photo: AP Photo / Michael Dwyer

With a Declaration published On her website and in her social media accounts, Fenerbahce made it clear that they would never add players like the Boston Celtics star or someone like him. The player who was expressed on social media that he would like to play for Fenerbahce if he returned to Turkey, but the Turkish club was absolutely against such an option.

“At that time or in the future, our club had no relationship with this person, whose name is mentioned alongside terrorist organizations and whose behavior was very familiar to our community when we left our club.” the club said.

Fenerbahce concluded by stating that “the doors of our club are closed forever to those like him and will remain so.”

Enes Kanter could not leave such a statement without sharing a reply on Twitter that the club could not afford to sign it.

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