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Florida coronavirus outbreak puts NBA bubble plan in trouble

the6man Jun 22

According to ESPN reports, the surge in coronavirus cases in Florida has caused concern among members of the NBA community.

In the next few weeks, 22 teams are scheduled to travel to Orlando, Florida.

Michele Roberts, executive director of NBPA, said the association knew that its participants would not be on business trips, so it was indeed comforting.

However, once players reach Disney World, they will face various factors that may lead to infection.

Disney employees (such as housekeepers) will not be tested for coronavirus.

Many people expressed concern about this, because the “bubble” is not a real bubble, because Disney employees will be allowed to enter and leave the campus.

The NBA provides a 113-page health guidebook, which covers almost all variables that may affect the recovery of the game.

If the alliance encounters problems on the Disney campus, they may be ready.

However, the increasing number of coronavirus cases in Florida is disturbing.

According to ESPN, A coalition source said that Commissioner Adam Silver’s tone on this issue was “dark but firm”.

The team will begin testing its players on June 23.

If a player’s test result is positive, they will be quarantined for 14 days and then travel to Orlando with their team.

Unless they decide to stay at home and give up the end of the season, as long as they report before June 24, they can do so.

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This post is written by Chris Heckmann


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