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the6man Jul 14

Published on July 13, 2020


As part of the wave of NBA female assistant coaches, former WNBA player Kara Lawson has entered the sacred territory. However, being appointed as the head coach of the Duke women’s basketball team made her into a more elite rank. Currently, she is playing for the Boston Celtics in Orlando, when the team was preparing for the start of the season. In a video conference with the media on Monday, she expressed her curiosity about her new position as head coach of the university.

Lawson (Lawson) said at the opening ceremony: “For me, this is really an incredible moment,” school sports director Kevin White (Kevin White) and school sports director Nina King (Nina King ) Commented.

“For me, this is a dream come true. I wanted to be a coach since I was a child. I took the circuit back route, but I am here now. I am very happy to have the opportunity to shape young women and develop myself through a college career Games and personalities.”

Even if Lawson is in Orlando, she has taken the time to contact current Duke players.

Lawson said: “I have tried a few days ago to contact our players, past players and hopeful future players.” “We are really excited and I can’t wait.”

Nine days after the resignation of former coach Joanne P. McCallie, Duke University (Duke) announced the appointment of Lawson on Saturday, July 11. On the same day that McCali announced the announcement, the school hired Collegiate Sports Associates, a search company. Kim supervised the search process.

Jin said: “Given the nature of the times we have experienced, our first priority is to work as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

The school reviewed nearly 20 candidates.

“From there, we had a conversation with six people,” Kim revealed, “then invited us to participate in the finalists interview, and then make all the choices on Saturday.”

Both Kim and White emphasize Lawson’s interpersonal skills, adaptability, and her basketball heritage, which is why she ranks at the top of the candidate list.

King said: “Carla Lawson is very suitable for Duke University, Duke Athletic Team, especially Duke Women’s Basketball.” “Her basketball IQ is incredibly high. After playing games and coaching at the highest level, she Know the game. She is a teacher, a mentor and a champion, and I have no doubt that she will have a major impact on the Blue Devils of the past, present and future.”

White commented on Lawson’s “different track record”, namely “developing a very strong and deep-rooted relationship.” He continued, “If you don’t strengthen those very valuable relationships, she is indeed gifted.”

Lawson’s college basketball career began with the guard of Pat Tensent, the legendary coach of Tennessee. During this period, she won the SEC title four times in a row and played four times in three NCAA finals. , Continue to maintain the success of Lady Vols (Lady Vols). Her honor list is long and impressive, including the WNBA championship won by Sacramento in 2005. She has been a player and coach in USA Basketball for 22 years, and won the gold medal in the national team in 2008. In addition to working for the Celtics, she also coached the 3×3 women’s team of the American Basketball Association.

During the video conference, Lawson discussed some of the lessons she had learned over the years, and avoided making accurate plans for the types of coaching strategies she planned to implement. She tells a story about the coach’s 3×3 team and how she understands the drawbacks of using the “one size fits all” approach in different classes.

“I will tell you a story,” Lawson began. “I coached 3 on 3 teams in 2018. We went to Buenos Aires, Argentina to participate in the Youth Olympic Games. We have some very good players on our team, young players, high school players, they It’s really talented. We committed certain crimes; obviously, you can view the skills of the players and learn how to adapt to their skills and advantages. We won the gold medal. Great team, very dominant team. The second year, We have a group of new players. I took them to Mongolia to participate in the World Cup. In the first two days of practice, I started to implement many actions that were very successful for the previous year, but using different participants. This is not suitable for . It didn’t work. I remember going home the next night of the practice and ripping off the script, saying it didn’t work. We had to find something that worked for them and was consistent with their skills. We changed.”

This experience gave her insight into how to study coaching at Duke University.

When talking about the Duke coach, she said: “I will not make any exaggerated statements about what we want to do, who we want to be.” “I just think we will figure out what works for us, we will try to grasp at this point.”

Watch the entire press conference video:


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