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Former Kings star Mike Bibby shares his thoughts on coaching and his time in Sacramento

the6man May 17

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Mike Bibby was the leading point guard of the Sacramento Kings for seven years (2001-2008), helping the team to be a competitor in the early 2000s.

Bibby spoke to that Grant Napear and his former teammate Doug Christie for his time in Sacramento and his ambition to become head coach in the future.

Here’s what he said The Grant Napear Show with Doug Christie about KHTK Sport::

“I was excited. Enthusiastic. You know, just being with a group of people who are already setting the tone, being” the best show on the pitch “and all that stuff.” Bibby said. “I just wanted to be part of it. It was the best situation anyone could have asked for. I didn’t know how it was going to be, you know, you traded me for Jason Williams, I just wanted to get in and fit in. “

In seven seasons and 476 games with the Kings, Bibby averaged 17.6 points, 3.1 rebounds, 5.5 assists and 1.2 steals per game.

In addition, the former security guard spoke about his will to become a “higher level” basketball coach and to help young players with his knowledge and experience that the game was an all-star frontier worker at that time.

“I’m just waiting for someone to give me a chance,” he said Per KHTK Sport. “I love it. I love teaching kids, boys, you know, the things that I learned from the coaches that I had and I just try to give them some knowledge and help them the best I can. “

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