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Former NBA champion Channing Frye says LeBron is better than Jordan

the6man May 18

Channing Frye and LeBron James

Channing Frye, a retired NBA traveler and former teammate of LeBron James, gave harsh criticism of the age of Michael Jordan.

In an interview with NBC Sports’ Talkin ’s Blazers podcast, Frye said: “I have never made Jordan the best player ever … I have players like Tim Duncan, Kobe, LeBron.”

Fry did clarify his point of view, he thinks Jordan is better than Kobe, but since he grew up in Phoenix, he has never had too much love for MJ.

“Jordan actually only has one job, that’s just to score,” Fry added.

“And he did it at an astonishing speed … but I don’t think his way of winning will translate into what he is now. Guys don’t want to play with him.”

Jordan’s arrogant attitude angered many teammates, this is no longer a secret.

If you have been following ESPN’s “Last Dance”, you will find that Jordan is not afraid to get along with his teammates-just like he did when he defeated Steve Kerr in the 1997-98 NBA season.

It may be an unfair assessment that Jordan ’s ethics and style of play will not lead to today ’s NBA championship.

Again, Fry does have his own championship ring, so he knows it takes one or two things to win in the current NBA.

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