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Former NBA reporter called for hypocrite

the6man Jun 02

Chris Palmer

ESPN NBA former reporter Chris Palmer (Chris Palmer) spent a very bad week on social media, but did not have a good day.

On Saturday, Palmer was irritated Twitter What users say about the riots that occurred across the United States after George Floyd was killed.

“Do it yourself. Don’t come to where we live and don’t destroy our community. We care about our community. If you don’t care about yourself, I won’t give you any chance,” Palmer tweeted.

However, it is not only this statement that angers Twitter users.

Many users pointed out that Palmer had previously added picture subtitles to burning buildings, and said: “It takes less time to burn down. All burned out.”

Needless to say, his position on violent riots seems to be highly hypocritical.

He allegedly encouraged the building to be burned to the ground, but then said that the mob should not mess up his house.

Palmer responded to these criticisms.

“Obviously, I didn’t choose the right word. It was a crazy weekend. A lot of stress and panic. The tear gas is a mother. I don’t approve of destroying property in any way. I’m not perfect. But I will work hard. Take care Myself.”

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